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Pho Binh Attended international Fair : FI Viet Nam Fair

Food ingrident is one of the big and prestige fair about food ingrident in the world. In 2014, the fair was organized at Viet Nam, Pho Binh company attended as a participant to introduce some product like phosphate (Corino, Delice, Gusto, Pearl,…), Sulphite (Birlasulf, Birlasol,…) và Peroxide (Birlox, Multi,…). On the other hand, Pho Binh organize special seminar to sharing How to applied phosphate on food processing and aplied new technology to create successful business.


Pho Binh teambuilding

Developing staff skills is one of the mission of Pho Binh, the board of managent always try to build training and teambuilding programs in every year. After the working hard, Pho Binh staff can go out to relaxing and gaming together to build strong relationship between coworks.


Pho Binh internal training

One of Pho Binh’s annual activities is organizing training to improve the skills of its staff. Every year, Pho Binh invites professional trainers from developed countries in the field of additives, technology and marketing to update the staff’s skillsand product knowledge, and keep them abreast of the latest trends in the world



Vietfish is the largest seafood fair in Southeast Asia, attracting over 200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. As the leading provider of additives in the seafood processing industry, we aim to introduce new products and new trends to meet the requirements of our customers and bring them maximum benefits.



Professor Lon Whitlow from University of North Carolina, USA presented about principal of natural development of mold and mycotoxin in food additive; and the harmful of mold and mycotoxin to the heath and growth of animal. In this seminar, Pho Binh also invited Dr.Robert Aswick sharing the latest information about the absorbs toxins, how to identify and solutions to reduce damage caused mycotoxins. Besides, Dr. Michael Sandroni and Pho Binh Director also shared the potential and advantage of animal feed ind